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  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information


  • Efficacy
    • Allergie/Age Control
    • Supply of Moisture
    • Increase of Skin Immunity
  • Volume
    • 1000ml(500g)
    • 4000ml(2kg)
  • Main Origin of Materials

Volume of Cotteria Modeling Mask

2000ml - The product made by other company has volume of 1000ml.
* Ref. : 200ml can be converted into 1kg by weight.

Use of Cotteria Modeling Mask

Sedation, Supply of moisture, Softness, Increase of skin elasticity.

Skin Type of Cotteria Modeling Mask

It can be used for all kinds of skin types. In particular, it takes excellent effect on aged, sensitive, and discolored skins

Features of Cotteria Modeling Mask

  • It is minute powder with 14 kinds and peel-off type which is changed into rubber type when it mixed with water.
  • As it contains various ingredients of seaweeds of brown algae, red algae, and blue algae like alginic acid, Garginan, Kelf, etc., it is good for sedation, cleanness, supply of moisture, astriction, and increase of elasticity.
  • As it contains Vitamin C and various herbs like embryo bud of rice, licorice root, DangGi herbs, Seawood, etc., it has high stickiness and special ability.

Usage of Cotteria Modeling Mask

  • After evenly and well mixing powder 30g and water 60g(purified water, prepared solution, water, etc.), spread evenly it on your face(except for around eyes) or chest, and any other necessary part, wait for 15~25 minutes and naturally peel it off.
  • Before use it, particularly first apply moist ample and then use this Mask for more excellent effect.
  • If possible, apply it more thickly for good effect.
  • When you peel it off, there's any thin sticking on the end part. At this time, soak properly sponge in water and then wipe it up. Or before you spread pack on your face, firstly use thin tissue or pack sheet on the end part of face to remove it clearly.

Once Proper Volume of Cotteria Modeling Mask

About 30g. - You can use our product of 2000ml about 30~40 times.